Choosing Right Resume Writing Service

Job search has become more competitive nowadays as the number of unemployed folks keeps increasing. More so, some employed people wish to change their jobs and hence add to the number of job seekers. This simply makes it highly pertinent to carefully structure your resume in such a way that it will catch the attention of the hiring manager and hence fetch you the job or position you are vying for.

If you want the best result and nothing else, you should consider using a resume writing service to create an executive CV that will fetch you the job. Here are some things to put into consideration when searching for a CV writing service.

    • Make sure you are hiring a certified professional CV writer. The CV writer you hire should have been certified to be an expert in the field. This will help you to get what you want out of the resume.
    • Ensure that the resume writer is a good fit. In other words, take your time in talking to different professional CV writers before choosing a writer. Also review CV samples and go through various references before you pick a writer. The most important thing is to ensure that you are comfortable with the person you hire.
    • No matter how professional and experienced the writer is, he will only be writing as much as he knows about you. To ensure that the best is achieved, you need to ensure that the CV writer knows as much about you with respect to the job as possible. Thus, you need to schedule an interview with the writer in order to discuss the issue.
    • Some resume writers give satisfaction guarantee for writing CV but some may not go that far. At the worst, ensure that the CV writer will be willing to rework the CV as many times as possible until you are settled and comfortable with the resume.
    • Also review the processes he takes in writing the CV. The resume writer should be one that takes his time in structuring resume. He should not write your CV at haste just to make the money out of it. By reviewing the processes, you can checkmate this and ensure that the best touch is given to your CV.
    • Finally, ask about the writers years of paid CV writing experiences and continuous learning also enquire whether the writer is a part of a professional CV writing organization or not.

The Essence of Formatting and Style in Resume Writing

Of course, the most important thing in your resume is the content but the style and format are equally important. The truth is that if the format and style is displeasing to the eye, the content of the resume may not be read. Thus, you need to make your resume aesthetically pleasing to the eye in order for it to create the impression you desire.

Use standard font styles and sizes

The font sizes and styles you use in formatting the resume matters. This is a professional write-up and thus it must be kept professional. You may use different font for the heading and the body but make sure you do not use more than two font styles. You can use font size 14 or 16 for the header but stick to font size 12 for the body. You may use different font style for the header but Times New Roman or Arial is the best fonts for the body.

Specific information should be emphasized

Emphasizing specific information will make your resume easier to read to your audience. When it comes to emphasizing specific information, care must be taken to ensure that you do not confuse your audience. You can make emphasis by using bold letters, bottom borders, all caps, italics, bullets and so forth.

Your resume should be carefully organized. This is a professional writing and therefore you should make everything look neat and professional. It should be appealing to the reader and one way to do this is by organizing it. Group your skills together and present them chronologically.

The same applies to your experiences, academic qualifications and so forth. This will not only make your CV readable but also presentable.

Most people focus on content that they forget how important formatting their resumes are. A lot of unformatted resumes end up in the trashcan. You will not want your resume to be thrown aside and that is why you need to pay attention to its format.

Proofreading is also a very important thing to put into consideration when it comes to formatting your CV. You need to ensure that the resume is properly proofread and avoid every typographic errors, grammatical errors and all kinds of errors. Have more than one person proofread the CV for you to ensure that it does not have any error. Most good resumes are rejected because of errors.