Writing Cover Letter for a Job Application

Download high quality cover letter samples for a job application and learn professional writing. You can also get templates for Google Docs. What really matters in a cover letter are not necessarily the big things but the small things. These tips and techniques shortly outlined will help you in creating a top quality cover letter which together with your resume will earn you the job. The tips outlined here include the format and presentation, how to choose a good type of CL, processes, examples and templates for writing a custom application letter.


Cover letter is of various types and each of these types can be used for creating and structuring your application letter for the job you want to obtain. It is however vitally important that you choose a CL than shows how you are applying for the job. The CL should also be able to show the kind of job search assistance you want. The application letter you create need to be able to highlight your purpose of writing and specifically tailored to the position you are applying for.

Formatting and structuring your letter

The format of your application letter is vitally important. When the word “formatting” is mentioned with respect to cover letter, you should not limit it to the outlook or presentation of the letter. You should also consider the content of the cover letter with respect to formatting it. As a matter of fact, both the content and the presentation of the application letter are very important and should be given a perfect touch if you really want to win the job. This is not only true for those applying offline. Those applying online or through email also need to properly format their CL. You need to also ensure that your application letter is completely ridden of mistakes and that it is very readable.


To create a well structured and good cover letter, you should take a look or review some cover letter examples. More so, you need to ensure that your application letter elaborates your skills and that the skills you enlisted in it is in line with the job or position you are applying on.

Leverage cover letter template

If you do not know where to start when writing a cover letter, then the best way to go is application letter template. You can use application letter template as a reference point to start writing the CL, however, you also need to customize and tailor the CL to your exact requirements.

Ensure that your letter has the required right keywords

To ramp up your chances of being chosen for an interview, you need to ensure that skills, results and relevant keywords in line with the job descriptions are included in the application letter. This will become an evidence of your credential in the cover letter.

Create a custom template

Although writing a custom application letter for each and every job you are applying for might take you some time, however, the time taken is really worth it as it goes a long way in telling the company that you are the right candidate for the position. If you check and download more samples you can create many templates for yourself quickly.


It is vitally important that you personalize your application letter. You need to have a good knowledge of the company and the hiring manager. With the information you have, try to personalize the CL and address it to the right person in charge of the hiring.