Formal Cover Letter Samples

Discover the best cover letter sample and application letters in this post. During recruitment or job application processes, it is as important to make sure that the document you are carrying is in the correct format as well as wearing the right dress.

Recently, the question of how should job application letter be has been frequently searched on the internet. So what is the reason for this? Of course, people are described as “sloppy” by the human resources departments of the companies simply because of the format error. This situation results in many people not getting the job. In order to avoid such a situation, we will examine how a professional job application letter should be in the right format in this article.

General Format of A Simple Cover Letter:

  1. A good job application letter definitely needs to start with your name. Your name may be bold while everything else is written in normal font. Generally, people prefer to center their names on the line.
  2. You should write your business address, business number, and business mail just below your name. All information can be side by side and separated by a period or dash.
  3. Then write the date as the month, day, and year.
  4. Then, using the standard address format, add your 3 or 4-line address to the cover letter of the job application.
  5. Now, your letter should start. You know how your letter should begin! Here is an example: ‘’Dear Mr. Smith,’’ Then you should enter ‘’enter’’ to pass the line.

What Should Be Written in a Professional Letter?

  1. Which position are you applying for?
  2. What are your basic strengths?
  3. What are your education and basic experiences?
  4. How can they reach you?


You have prepared your resume or CV (they are the same things) and find a great position for your skills. Great! So, what would you do then? You should write an application letter. To understand a creative cover letter, you should learn the difference between a resume and a covering letter. The main difference is resume visualizes your entire business life like a map. You write a legible cover letter to explain this map in accordance with the position you apply for. In your coverless resume, there is no place to explain your failures’ excuses. You explain the facts that why do you apply for the position opened. Why the employer should hire you? What abilities in your resume do match with the job requirements of the employer? Your well-targeted coverage should be answering these questions. So, how to write covers? Let’s see.


A proper application letter should be constructed by these parts. Remember, you should be using clear and professional language.


Explain answer the following question. Why should the employer hire you? Try to take your future boss’s attention.

Deeper Explanation:

You should mention your background and the related skills about the position in multiple paragraphs. These paragraphs should answer the question, “Which of your experiences and skills will be helpful for the employer specified in the position?


Shortly mention your core abilities that match with the job again. With formal language ask the HR department to hire you.


As we mentioned above there are several important features in this career letter. Also, there are some important details. A Turkish proverb, “The devil is hidden in the details.”. What are those details in a cover letter?

On the top of a cover letter:

You should write down your contact details in a cover letter. What are these contact details? Name and surname of you, the business email that you use(not your first email address like Also, the digits of your phone, your LinkedIn link, and your actual location. All of these details are your contact details.

Under the contact details:

At the end of the day, an application letter is a standard letter. So, you should be writing the contact details of the interlocutor. And the date.

The other important details:

Try to find the name of the HR specialist, if you cannot find it, use directly the department’s name. Don’t use over formal language. Also, don’t go over personal. Your goal in this winning letter should be taking the attention of the future employer. Clarity is one of the key factors. Rather than explaining all the details in your business letter, try to boost their curiosity. “I can tell the details of it in the interview” can be an assertive but a great sentence in a application letter. Even if you don’t be hired there, you can be a memorable person for the HR department. HR specialists generally work collaboratively with their friends in the industry. To be memorized is important then.

According to studies, a good cover letter should:

  • be specific and up-to-date,
  • be well punctuated and spelled, and grammatically correct. It should be free of mistakes and typos,
  • use timelines to highlight chronological information,
  • reference to the latest job positions, most closely related to the position for which one is demanding,
  • contain numbers (stark facts highlight one’s achievements)