Quality Format Cover Letter Samples

The format you give your cover letter determines how top notch and presentable it will be. Of course, content matters a lot but format is also important. Both the content and the format of the cover letter will determine whether your cover letter with fetch you an interview. This is why the need for the right application letter format cannot be overstated. The format here includes the font type, color and so forth you use in the cover letter and how you structured it.

How do you write a cover letter for a quality job?

Do you want to get the best result from your cover letter? You can avail yourself of the application format provided here in order to know what to actually include in your application letter before submitting it together with your resume. This will help you to create a cover letter tailored to your specification and customized to meet the targeted purposes before being sent to employers. By reviewing application letter samples you will be able to write your own custom letter.

Formal Format

Your application letter should have various sections and each of these sections is vital and must be given a perfect touch. You must ensure that each and every part of the letter is top notch.

Your contact information

The contact information you should include in the letter include your name, address, city, state, zip code, phone number, email address and date. These contacts are important as they might be used in contacting you after you might have submitted your resume and cover letter for the interview.

Employer contact information

You need to include the employer contact information if you have it. The employer contact information you should include in the letter are the name, title, company, address, city, state, zip code and so forth. It is usually good to include the employer contact information and it will be worthwhile that you check online, probably in LinkedIn to find the contact information of the employer before writing your application.


The salutation should be formal. You can use “Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name”. You can leave it off if you do not have the employer contact. However, you may also use “Dear Hiring Manager” and so many other options for the salutation. However, care must be taken to ensure that it is made very formal.

Body of the application

The body of the application is very important. It tells the employer the position you are applying for and why you should be chosen for the interview. It also tells the employer some more information about you that would be useful in accessing your personality.

First Paragraph

The first paragraph should be dedicated to the reason why you are writing and therefore it should include vital information on this regard. In this paragraph, you have to mention the position you are vying for and also where and how you found the job listing.

Middle Paragraph(s)

The middle paragraph begins immediately after your first paragraph. It can be one or more sections. This section should describe what you can offer the employer when employed. In this paragraph, you need to state in a clear term how your qualification is vital for the job or position you are applying for. The middle paragraph should be dedicated to interpreting the resume but not repeating it, thus you should be careful about this.

Final Paragraph

This is the concluding part of your letter and you should rap it all up by thanking the employer for deeming you fit for the position. Also provide information that will aid the employer to easily contact you. After this paragraph, the complimentary close and signature comes.