Professional Cover Letter Formats

Get quality cover letter winning formats for free. The number of job seekers increases as day goes by. This makes it continually more difficult to win a job as the hiring managers will look out for the most professional and well written professional cover letter. There are chances that you may be applying for many job listings; do you have to write perfect cover letter for each? By creating proper cover letter format, you will save yourself the stress of writing an application from the scratch each time you want to apply for a job. All you have to do is to customize the application letter whenever you want to use it.

What to include in simple cover letter templates

Microsoft Word presents a wonderful platform for creating simple Cover Letter Template. It features a lot of designs and layouts that will help you to create top notch application and also customize it as much as you desire.

  • Add a letterhead at the top

The letterhead will include information that may be the same in every application you will be writing. Information like your address, full name, telephone number, email address and so forth should be included here. It is also important to be consistent in your editable format and font usage. You should stick to a maximum of two font styles, one at the letterhead and the other at the body of the covering. You can leave your name in bold 14 or 16 font sizes and your information and address at font size 12.

  • The recipient name and address

The recipient name, address and date should be written below the letterhead. You should try to make this professional; however, this is a part of your application that you will have to customize for each job you want to apply. The custom name, address and date will be dependent on the job you want to apply. It is also important to address the recipient properly; thus, you should try to find out the recipient’s title (Dr., Mrs., Mr. and so forth). You might have to call the company in order to enquire about the manager’s name and title to properly address your covering.

  • Your qualification and skills relevant to the job

You should try to keep your application as concise and simple as possible. The hot spot of the application should be dedicated to listing out your qualifications, experiences and skills. The skills you should include in your application have to be relevant to the exact position you are applying for. Thus, you might have to customize the skills to suite the exact job you have at hand. Doing this is a whole lot easier with standard cover letter printable format.

Rather than spending a lot of time writing an application from the scratch just to repeat the same process a few days to come, you might job have to do the entire work all at a time and simply customize your letter with respect to the job you have at hand. Creating a winning cover letter perfect format will also help you to eliminate errors that might be made when writing one from scratch. After customizing your writing, you need to proofread it and even read it aloud to yourself.