Short Resignation Letter Templates

You can create short resignation letter with professional templates and you can get some good samples in this post. We compiled short resignation and two weeks notice letter samples for who wants to write professional ones. You might really want to express how angry you are in your classy resignation letter but you might be surprised to note that the resignation letter is not the best place to express your grievances. A bad letter might negatively affect your future career. So before you pick up your pen and write, ensure that you are not going to write anything that will paint a negative image of yourself. The question is how do you write an effective resignation? Below are some takes on writing a good letter.


The letter should be kept friendly even though it is a professional write-up. You can view your resignation letter as a business letter addressed to the recipient with the first name. You can say “Dear First Name” and not “Dear Ms Y”.

Make your point clear

There is no need beating about the bush in your short letter. Go direct to the point but keep the tone friendly.

How long do I have to give notice when resigning?

You should allow your employer some time to get a replacement for you before you leave the job. Thus, you need to give a date when your resignation will take effect. A good measure of the amount of time required for your resignation is your vacation time. Obviously, your seniority in a given enterprise determines the amount of time you may be allowed in your vacation.


  • A statement that clearly says you’re going to resign
  • The date of your last day of work (based on the notice you’re giving)
  • A short explanation of why you are leaving
  • A short, polite thank you at the end of the letter

Be mindful of your record

If you are asking the reason why you should make this simple letter friendly and courteous despite the way you were treated in the job, this is it. Of course, there are other reasons but your employment record is important. With a bad letter, you have a bad employment record and if employer is called upon for reference or anything with respect to your future job or career, you will definitely have a bad reference. With a well written letter, employer will definitely have something positive to talk about you even if you already have a bad record in your employment history.

Be supportive

You should not just end at giving employer time to quit job but you should also let the employer know that you are available if they need your help. You can even offer to train the new employee on your specific job field.


A resignation letter is simply a letter used to tell your employer that you are officially going to leave job at a given date. Obviously, people quit their jobs for several reasons. It could be because you are not comfortable with the job or with the way your employer handles issues. It could be because you have found a better job, want to be self employed or were ill treated job. However, no matter what your reason for quitting your job is, you need to ensure that your letter of resignation does not reflect any iota of dissatisfaction.

Make your resignation polite

Of course, you might have had a bad experience with employer, but your resignation should sound polite. After all, you have finally decided to quit job and hence you should do so amiably.

Begin and end professionally

The letter should be professional. You may not know it but letter is as much important as your job application letter. A lot of people pay less attention to their resignation because they think they are terminating job. Of course, you are terminating job but the employer will keep the letter in your employment file. Who knows, employer might have something to tell for your reference in the future.

Thank the employer

Courtesy is important in this letter. Even if you are unhappy with employer, try to apply some courteous behaviors. Thank employer for the time you spent in the company and for the training you received while working with them.

Give the employer some time

You should not just submit your letter of resignation and ask to leave the job the same day. You need to give the employer some time to employ someone who will take over your position. It is usually recommended that you give employer a minimum of two weeks before you leave job in order for them to get a replacement for you.

A simple resignation example will go a long way in helping to enhance your employment history. Thus, you should try as much as possible to write a professional, friendly and courteous resignation format. Employer and the company could be of a great help to you in the future and that is why making the resignation top notch is very important.