Writing Good Application Letter

Quality application letters are of various types. There are three main types of an application and these include speculative, covering and a letter of application.

What are the three types of application letter?

  • Speculative: These types of letters are sent as a part of your tentative application alongside with your resume.
  • Covering : These are sent together with your CV for advertised job vacancies.
  • Letter of application: Rather than sending a traditional job application form or CV, you can send a proper application. In this case, the information that should have been included in your CV will be included in the letter. Also, you will include them in paragraphs and sentences.

How do you write a speculative letter?

  1. The tone in this type of letter should be enthusiastic and positive.
  2. In this type, you need to highlight the kind of work you are vying for, why you want to work for the organization, skills, experiences and qualities that make you suitable for the position.
  3. This letter should be customized for the specific organization you are writing rather than using a generic speculative application style.
  4. Furthermore, you should ensure that the letter is addressed to a named individual. In case you do not know the name of the person to direct the letter to or you are not sure of it, you need to call the organization and ask.

You need to make your application flexible and one of the ways of doing this is by offering different options in your main professional letter. For instance, you can request them to keep your details on file if they have not vacancies at the meantime. In case you are interested in unpaid work experience or an information interview, you can also indicate it in the letter.

Cover Letters

This quality job letters accompany the CV or a standard application form. It is important to note that the cover letters has as much relevance as your CV or application form. The functional letter gives you the opportunity to market your skills and experiences to the employer and tell him why he should read your CV. You need to use the covering letter and point hands at how enthusiastic and suitable you are for the job and also highlight your strong points.

What do I write in a cover letter?

The structure of your application needs to cover some important points.

  • Firstly, it should emphasize on what you are applying for. This includes the title of the job and where you saw the advert.
  • Furthermore, you need to address the reason why you are opting in for the position. This should include why you are interested in the job and why you choose the organization in particular.
  • You also need to highlight your essential skills, experiences and personal qualities and relate them to your suitability in the job. You need to emphasize on the information in your CV or well-formatted professional application form.
  • Your covering letter is also where you might be able to tell the employer if you have criminal record or disability as well as other relevant information that relates to your skills and experiences.

Additional things to include in your letter

You do not need to type your letter in both side of the A4 paper. It should be typed in one side of the paper. Your letter should also make reference to important parts of your curriculum vitae. However, you should ensure that general details contained in your CV should not be repeated in your well-formatted job letter. It is also important to end your writing enthusiastically and positively, check the letter with the spell check feature in your computer, proofread the letter to track errors that might not be noticed by a spell checker.