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You Can Download Sample Free Consignment Agreement Template Here. A consignment agreement is a type of agreement that is generally entered into between a consignee and a consignor. Such agreements are made for the transfer, sale, storage or resale, as well as for the use of a variety of goods. As per the contract, the consignee can remove the goods from the stock of goods at any time as per the requirement. A consignment agreement Contains dedicated terms and conditions. According to the agreement, the unsold goods are returned to the consignor after a certain period. One of the main advantages of this type of agreement is that it greatly reduces the risk of the exporter as the company can keep its goods at a particular location and deliver it to the far flung parts of the country without any delay. . The entire distribution becomes very smooth which is beneficial for both the consumer and the company. Dig deep below to download the Multiple Consignment Agreement template.

It is an agreement of sorts between two parties, the consignor and the consignee, for the storage, sale or transfer of goods. The consignment agreement identifies all the terms and conditions of the consignment such as, commission structure, sales targets and other important information. If you are going to enter into the consignment business, you should first prepare a consignment agreement. The consignment agreement reduces the risk of the exporter as he remains the owner of the goods in storage. A well-written contract is essential to outline obligations and protect the interests of both parties. You must write a consignment agreement carefully; otherwise you can use consignment agreement template to make it perfect. Those templates are the best to use and build a consignment agreement as per your needs. Both the parties must agree to and sign all the terms and conditions of the agreement.

Free Consignment Agreement Template:

consignment agreement template

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