What Were The Two Fearful Sites That Gene Wanted To See?

The two “fearful sites” Gene visits — a marble staircase inside the First Academic Building and a tree by the river — sharply contrast with each other.

What two places does the narrator go to visit in a separate peace?

What two places does the narrator go to visit? What summer does most of the action take place? He goes to visit a marble staircase, and the second place he goes to is the river. The summer most of the action takes place is in the 1942.

Why do Gene and Finny jump from the tree?

The jump is done by the older boys in the school as part of their physical training prior to their graduation and departure for the war. Finny jumps first to show the others that it is possible, popping up out of the river to declare how fun the jump is. He then sends Gene up the tree for his turn.

What was Phineas’s view on authority?

Phineas didn’t really dislike West Point in particular or authority in general, but just considered authority the necessary evil against which happiness was achieved by reaction, the blackboard which returned all the insults he threw at it.

Did Gene push Finny off the tree?

In fact, Finny did not fall out of the tree, but Gene had actually pushed him out. Gene had very good reasons to push him out “Finny had put him up to it, to finish me fro good on the exam.” Page 49. He pushed him out of jealousy for two things.

Why did Finny wear a pink shirt?

Summary: Chapter 2 Finny decides to wear a bright pink shirt as an emblem of celebration of the first allied bombing of central Europe. You may also read,

What does the tree symbolize in a separate peace?

The tree in A Separate Peace represents a place where young and naïve students prepare to be war heroes. Through their shared bravery, Finny and Gene bond and become best friends when they both jump out of the tree. Check the answer of

Does Finny forgive Gene?

Finny forgives Gene for the first time, since he only just stopped denying Gene’s responsibility. There is closure in Gene’s statements about not hurting Finny out of anything conscious or out of hate, and Finny saying that he believes Gene.

Why is Gene jealous of Finny?

Gene misses his intention and takes Finny at his word. Gene’s jealousy of Finny’s status as best athlete of their class has led him, half-consciously, to try to make them “even” by being the best scholar. … He had thought of Finny as above such competitiveness, and now regards Finny not as his friend but his enemy. Read:

What helps Gene get over his fear of jumping off the tree?

  • A pep talk.
  • A good luck charm.
  • Finny’s fall.
  • Cheers from the audience.

Why does Gene want to save face with Phineas?

Discuss why Gene wants to save face with Phineas. Gene doesn’t want Finny to see him because he’s ashamed of himself and feels like he has to keep the friendship. Gene doesn’t trust Finny because he doesn’t trust himself.

What seems to be Finny’s attitude towards authority?

Finny is a charismatic, spontaneous individual, who is willing to completely disregard rules, regulations, and directives from authority figures in order to have fun.

How does Mr Prud Homme react to Finny’s rule breaking?

Prud’homme react the way he does to Finny’s explanation about missing dinner? He trusts Finny and sees him as a role student. You just studied 9 terms!

Did Gene cause Finny’s fall?

Finny proposes a double jump with Gene, and they strip and ascend the tree. Finny goes out onto the limb first, and when Gene steps out, his knees bend and he jostles the limb, causing Finny to lose his balance and fall with a sickening thud to the bank.

What happened to Finny at the end of Chapter 4?

Finny comes to get Gene for a meeting of the Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session. … While climbing the limb, Gene “jounced” it, causing Finny to lose his balance and fall onto the bank, where he shattered his leg, making him unable to play sports ever again.

How is Finny a best pal to Gene?

On the beach before sleep, in a moment of spontaneous candor, Finny offers Gene proof of his friendship when he calls him his “best pal.” Although Gene realizes that he should reciprocate with his own profession of friendship, he doesn’t reply, stopped “b