What Made The Girl Decided To Return To The Island?

She wants to leave because she wants to stay with the people she knows. Unfortunately, Karana’s brother doesn’t make it to the boat on time, so Karana jumps into the water in order to stay on the island with her brother. … The attempt fails, and she is forced to return to the island.

What does Karana discover coming toward the island?

In Black Cave, Karana and Rontu discover the skeletons of people who died long ago, and she vows to never return. Shortly after, the Aleuts come back to the island. This time, they have a girl with them.

Why did the Aleuts never return to the island?

At first she is glad because she realizes that she can return to her home. However, she starts to realize she misses her. Why do you think the Aleuts never again returned to the Island of the Blue Dolphin? Since the Aleuts had hunted so much the otter population he’d decreased.

What did Karana and Tutok the Aleut girl do together?

Tutok is the young Aleutian girl who becomes friends with Karana when the Russian hunters return to the island a second time. Tutok becomes friends with Karana when they exchange names and play games together during Tutok’s short stay on the island. …

What did Karana make for Tutok?

Karana makes a circlet of shells for Tutok, who is grateful to receive such a beautiful gift.

Who killed Rontu?

At the end of Chapter 8, Karana vows revenge against the dog pack for killing her brother (8.50). We see that she manages to shoot Rontu in the chest in Chapter 15. You may also read,

How did Karana tame Mon a nee?

Karana saves an otter from the kelp bed in Chapter 23 after the Aleutian hunters leave. Instead of killing the otter as the Aleuts would have done, she heals him and names him Mon-a-nee. … Nor did I kill seals for their sinews, using instead kelp to bind the things that needed it. Check the answer of

Why didnt Karana stop the fight between Rontu and the two dogs?

Karana noticed Rontu was acting dpstrand when the lack of dogs came by. She let him out of the fence and he had not returned. … She stated that the fight was between Rontu and the other two dogs. Karana knew if she broke up the fight they would eventually fight again.

How did Karana get a new dog after Rontu death?

How did Karana get a new dog after Rontu’s death? She put a mixture into the spring water to make the dogs go to sleep. Their ship had sunk in the storm, then their was no other ship. Read:

What gift does Karana make for the Aleut girl?

Karana makes an abalone disk circlet for Tutok’s hair. She misses Tutok when the Aleut girl leaves the island with the hunting group.

How does Karana finally recognize Mon a nee?

How does Karana finally recognize Mon-a-nee? He follows her back to shore and takes a fish from her hand. He snuggles with Rontu. He has different eyes than the rest of the otters.

How old is Karana?

Karana, only 12 years old at the book’s beginning, turns out to be adept at hunting, building and tool-making, and quickly becomes a strong, capable young woman surviving in an unforgiving wilderness.

Who did Karana meet?

We find out the answer to that question when Karana meets a young Aleutian girl named Tutok. Here, the two girls attempt to understand each other through language and learning instead of violence and bloodshed. They teach each other the words of their own languages and try to communicate – and have fun doing so.

Why is Karana afraid of Tutok?

She does not take Rontu with her, because the Aleuts may have brought dogs. … Karana is afraid the Aleut girl might happen upon her house while looking for food or water, but decides to stay in the cave in the ravine. She collects some food and water and goes back to her cave.

What does Karana vow to never do again after gaining animal friends?

Later in the novel, after Karana has befriended a number of the animals of the island, she decides for herself that she will never again kill any of these animals. This is a significant decision, because she is dependant on a number of these animals for material.

What happened to Rontu?

Late in the summer, Rontu dies. He whines to be let out one night, and when he does not come back, Karana goes out to look for him. She finds him in the cave where the wild dogs used to live and carries him toward home. … Soon afterward, he is dead.