Writing Good Application Letter

Quality application letters are of various types. There are three main types of an application and these include speculative, covering and a letter of application. What are the three types of application letter? Speculative: These types of letters are sent as a part of your tentative application alongside with your resume. Covering : These are sent … Read more

Business Letter Template Example

Printed business letter is a better way to go than email despite its quick and convenient benefits. With printed letter, you will be able to pass across the relevant information you have easily than with an email. An effective communication can be created when printed business letters are presented in an attractive letterhead. The basic … Read more

Example of a Business Letter Format

A Business Letter is a professional business write-up usually written for various business purposes. We prepared sample professional business letter formats you can check these below. It is important to follow the requisite professional writing format in order to ensure that you win the proposal or any other purpose for which you are writing the … Read more

Professional Reference Letter Samples

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Reference letters are often written as a support to a person applying for a job, a school or for any other promotion. It is usually written with respect to the candidate’s skills, experiences, abilities and achievements. Before you set out to write a recommendation, you need to understand and outline the following points: Understand what the … Read more

Choosing Right Resume Writing Service

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Job search has become more competitive nowadays as the number of unemployed folks keeps increasing. More so, some employed people wish to change their jobs and hence add to the number of job seekers. This simply makes it highly pertinent to carefully structure your resume in such a way that it will catch the attention … Read more

Budget Worksheet Templates Excel

Creating a Budget Worksheet makes your budgeting process a whole lot easier. A budget worksheet will help you to manage your income and expenditures in order to track excessive expenses and balance things out. This will help you to stay out of debt and manage your budget appropriately. Everybody needs a budget to manage his … Read more

Sample of Reference Letter Writing Tips

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A reference letter also called the recommendation is a formal document that is written for testifying a person’s achievements, character and skills. This letter is not just required by an employee but a student too. You might need a reference anytime in your career. That’s why it’s said that even if you are leaving your previous company you need … Read more

Teacher Resume Examples 2021

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Download well designed Teacher Resume Samples and PDF formats. A resume template as the name implies is a pre-written order of resume which can be used in structuring a CV as much as possible. Templates can be very helpful when writing a CV and also they can also be disadvantageous depending on the example you … Read more

Writing Cover Letter for a Job Application

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Download high quality cover letter samples for a job application and learn professional writing. You can also get templates for Google Docs. What really matters in a cover letter are not necessarily the big things but the small things. These tips and techniques shortly outlined will help you in creating a top quality cover letter … Read more

Resume Writing Made Easy

Download Professional Resume Templates for Google Docs for free. Resume is the single most important thing every hiring manager examines prior to your interview for the job. Therefore it must be given a careful touch and top consideration to win the job or position you are applying for. Your resume will probably be reviewed by … Read more