What Is The Nature Of Aesthetic Experience?

Aesthetics is a discipline concerned with the perception, appreciation, and production of art. Aesthetic experiences, such as looking at paintings, listening to music or reading poems, are linked to the perception of external objects, but not to any apparent functional use the objects might have. When can you say that there is an aesthetic experience? … Read more

What Is The Purpose Of Having A Family Reunion?

For older relatives or those in poor health, a big family gathering presents one last chance to see everyone. These gatherings are also a way for families to celebrate their shared heritage and culture, to exchange family stories and to honor the memories of any relatives who have passed away. Why is the reunion important? … Read more

What Is The Meaning Of We Are What We Have?

“We are what we do” is a copy of a well-known statement in philosophy. The meaning is this: What defines a person is not what they think they are: people often fool themselves. What defines a person is their actions. Their actions reveal their true nature. What is the definition of we have? We’ve is … Read more