What Is The Most Important Food Group?

Carbohydrates give you energy, calcium and B vitamins. … Think of proteins as building blocks for the body – they help it grow and repair itself. … Packed with calcium, protein and vitamins such as vitamins A, D and B12, dairy products keep our bones and teeth healthy. What are the two most important food … Read more

What Is The Sphinx?

The Great Sphinx at Giza, near Cairo, is probably the most famous sculpture in the world. With a lion’s body and a human head, it represents Ra-Horakhty, a form of the powerful sun god, and is the incarnation of royal power and the protector of the temple doors. What is the Sphinx and why was … Read more

What Level Of Government Conducts Foreign Policy And Regulates Commerce?

The Executive Branch conducts diplomacy with other nations and the President has the power to negotiate and sign treaties, which the Senate ratifies. The President can issue executive orders, which direct executive officers or clarify and further existing laws. Does the national government conducts foreign policy and regulates commerce? Article I of the Constitution enumerates … Read more

What Season Did Eddie Murphy Start On Saturday Night Live?

By fall 1981, Joe Piscopo and Eddie Murphy were the only performers from Doumanian’s cast to appear on SNL for season seven. Murphy became a break-out star under Ebersol, and his soaring popularity helped restore the show’s ratings. What seasons was Eddie Murphy on Saturday Night Live? Years on SNL Eddie Murphy (born April 3, … Read more

What Is The Similarities Between Christmas And Diwali?

Diwali and Christmas are alike in many ways. both holidays have colorful lights, have parties, and have a special meaning. both have to do with gods or our God. people go crazy on both holidays, eat special foods,and have a great time. What is similar to Diwali? Lighting up houses with bright candles, chanting songs … Read more

When Did Man Appear On Earth?

The first human ancestors appeared between five million and seven million years ago, probably when some apelike creatures in Africa began to walk habitually on two legs. They were flaking crude stone tools by 2.5 million years ago. Where did humans first appear on Earth? Bones of primitive Homo sapiens first appear 300,000 years ago … Read more

Why Is Diction Important In Writing?

A work’s diction forms one of its centrally important literary elements, as writers use words to convey action, reveal character, imply attitudes, identify themes, and suggest values. … We can speak of the diction particular to a character, as in Iago’s and Desdemona’s very different ways of speaking in Othello. What effect does diction have … Read more

What Is The Second Largest City In Estonia?

Tartu, with its population of around 100,000 in an area of 38.8 square kilometres, is the second largest city of Estonia. Lying 185 kilometres south of Tallinn (the capital city of Estonia) it is also the centre of southern Estonia. What is the largest city of Estonia? In 2015, approximately 0.41 million people lived in … Read more

What Legal Principles Can Be Used To Justify Self-defense?

Four elements are required for self-defense: (1) an unprovoked attack, (2) which threatens imminent injury or death, and (3) an objectively reasonable degree of force, used in response to (4) an objectively reasonable fear of injury or death. What is the legal justification of right of self-defense? Self-defense, in criminal law, justification for inflicting serious … Read more