What Purpose Do Politicians Generally Use The Internet?

Group communications Communications and alliances between groups with similar goals can be facilitated. Political discussions The Internet can be used to gauge public opinion on issues, to test new ideas, and discussions between group members may act as morale boosters within the group. In what important way has the Internet changed political activity quizlet? The … Read more

What Responsibilities Do Foster Parents Have?

To provide a safe and comfortable family environment for the child. To provide for the child’s basic physical and emotional needs as you would for your own child. To ensure that the child attends school; monitor educational progress; be aware of special needs; express appreciation for accomplishments. Do foster parents have parental responsibility? The foster … Read more

What Size Speakers Are In A 2009 Hyundai Santa Fe?

Speaker location Speaker sizes** Center Dash 2 ohm 4″ Front Door Tweeters Tweeter Front Door Woofers 6-3/4″ Rear Door 6-3/4″ What sound system does Hyundai Santa Fe use? Santa Fe offers a premium sound system that is perfectly tuned to the acoustic qualities of its upscale interior. A 630-watt, 12-speaker, Harman-Kardon premium audio system with … Read more

What Materials Are Useful At Home?

Baby powder. • Sprinkle it on tangled jewelry to get knots out. Clear nail polish. • Coconut oil. • Lemons. • Mayonnaise. • Newspaper. • Pennies. • Rubber bands. • Why are materials very useful? From stone and bronze to steel and concrete, materials are useful for a particular purpose because they behave in a … Read more

What Math Is Used In Hockey?

Angle usage and geometry are integral parts of mastering the game. The hockey puck is three-inch long rubber disc that is used in ice hockey. With exact calculations of the length of the puck and a thorough study of angles and geometry, help players pass the puck with sticks successfully. What words are used in … Read more

What Is Variable And Its Types In Research?

Variables represents the measurable traits that can change over the course of a scientific experiment. In all there are six basic variable types: dependent, independent, intervening, moderator, controlled and extraneous variables. What are variables in research? In research, variables are any characteristics that can take on different values, such as height, age, species, or exam … Read more

What Should Engine Temp Be?

Most experts agree that your engine should run between 195 degrees and 220 degrees. In ideal situations, your needle will maintain a posture right in the middle of your gauge. Where should car temp gauge be? When the engine is functioning, and the coolant is doing its job, the temperature gauge needle should be somewhere … Read more

What It Means To Be A US Citizen?

Citizenship in the United States is a status that entails specific rights, duties, and benefits. U.S. citizenship is usually acquired by birth when a child is born in the territory of the United States. … A U.S. Citizen has the right to live and work in the United States and to receive federal assistance. What … Read more

Who Created Leotards?

The leotard was created by 19th-century French acrobat Jules Léotard. Up until the 1960s, leotards were worn mainly by circus performers and gymnasts. The first leotards for ballet were made of knitted cotton fabric, which allowed for some stretch but easily became baggy. Where did the name leotard come from? The leotard (or maillot as … Read more