Why Is Nuclear Fusion Difficult?

On Earth it is very difficult to start nuclear fusion reactions that release more energy than is needed to start the reaction. The reason is that fusion reactions only happen at high temperature and pressure, like in the Sun, because both nuclei have a positive charge, and positive repels positive. Why are fusion reactions difficult? … Read more

What Is The Duration Of MBBS After BSc Nursing?

Yes, MBBS can be done after B.sc nursing. It will take 5.5 years to complete MBBS course because you will have to take admission in MBBS course as a regular candidate because there is no lateral entry in MBBS course. Can we go for MBBS after BSc Nursing? MBBS after B.Sc. Firstly, you are required … Read more

When Did Germany Invade The Soviet Union?

Hitler ordered the invasion of the Soviet Union, which was code-named Operation Barbarossa, on June 22, 1941, deliberately breaking the nonaggression pact that the two countries had signed two years before. The invasion was the largest German military operation of World War II. Why did Germany invade the Soviet Union in 1941? Hitler ordered the … Read more

Which Real Life Figure Does The Policeman In The Cartoon Represent 1 Point?

The political cartoon below was created in 1876: Which real life figure does the policeman in the cartoon represent? George Washington Plunkitt. Who are the three figures represented in this political cartoon? In this political cartoon, there are three important figures: President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Congress, and Uncle Sam. Each of them assumes a role … Read more

What To Do If You Missed An Interview?

Contact the company immediately. As soon as you know you’ll miss the interview, call the office to let them know. … Explain the situation. … Follow up with an email. … Open professionally. … Accept responsibility. … Thank the employer. … Confirm the new interview. … Apologize again. What do you say when you miss … Read more

What Type Of Culture Is Most Likely To Tolerate Ambiguity Uncertainty And Diversity?

Term Intercultural communication Definition The exchange of information between individuals who are unalike culturally Term Uncertainty-accepting cultures Definition Cultures that tolerate ambiguity, uncertainty, and diversity What is code sensitivity? * Develop Code Sensitivity: developing codes sensitivity means the ability to use the verbal language appropriate and suitable to the cultural and co-cultural norms of the … Read more

Which Derivative Product Give The Buyer The Right But Not The Obligation To Buy A Given Quantity Of The Underlying Asset At A Given Price On Or Before A Given Future Date?

Options are financial derivatives that give buyers the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an underlying asset at an agreed-upon price and date. Call options and put options form the basis for a wide range of option strategies designed for hedging, income, or speculation. Which option gives the buyer the right but … Read more

What Propaganda Does Napoleon Use In Animal Farm?

Napoleon uses propaganda, or twisting the truth to serve political ends, to make himself and the pigs look good—particularly through using Squealer as his propaganda minister. Closely related to this is the rewriting of history to make Napoleon look like a savior, hero, and master strategist. How did animal farm use propaganda? Propaganda and Euphemisms … Read more

What Is The Most Likely Purpose For Including The Statement At The Top Of The Authorization Form?

What is the most likely purpose for including the statement at the top of the authorization form? to ensure that the internee traveled using public transportation. to ensure that the internee understands that he cannot return to his home in the exclusion zone. Why did the government choose these locations for internment camps? Why did … Read more