What Made Constantinople A Good Location For A New City?

Constantinople was the ideal capital for the byzantine empire because it connected eastern and western trading. It was also the richest city in the medeteranian world and was surrounded on three sides by water. Which of the following are reasons why Constantinople was a good location for a new capital city? Explanation: The location of … Read more

Which Best Describes The Relationship Between Poor Soil And Deforestation In Sub Sahara Africa?

Q. Which describes the relationship between deforestation and poor soil in Sub-Saharan Africa? … Deforestation means fewer people live in an area which leads to poor soil. Poor soil causes farmers to use slash and burn techniques to create fertile soil, which increases deforestation. What effect does poor soil and deforestation have on land in … Read more

What Verizon Channel Is ABC?

Channel Name Channel # Local NBC HD 504 Local FOX HD 505 Local TV HD 506 Local ABC HD 507 Can you watch ABC with Verizon? Per the deal, a comprehensive portfolio of news, entertainment and sports video programming, including full-length episodes of shows from ABC Entertainment, ABC News and Disney Channel, as well as … Read more

When Did MBBS Start In India?

The year 1835 has a special bearing in the history of medical education in India. Two very prestigious and respected medical colleges of India, Calcutta Medical College, Kolkata and Madras Medical College, Chennai admitted students for the first time in 1835. When was MBBS started in India? The year 1835 has a special bearing in … Read more

What Was The Goal Of The Peninsula Campaign?

Initiated by Union Major General George B. McClellan, the purpose of the Peninsula Campaign was to advance on and capture the Confederate capital of Richmond, Virginia, via the Virginia Peninsula situated between the James and York rivers. Who was the main objective of the Peninsular Campaign? The Peninsula Campaign, fought during the spring and summer … Read more

What Was Germany Like In The 1920s?

The 1920s were a difficult and unstable time for Germany. As well as having to come to terms with the Treaty of Versailles’ punishments, it was a time of invasion, economic decline, putsches (rebellions) but also a huge growth in cultural freedoms and political rights. What was happening in Germany in the late 1920s? Germany … Read more

What Methods Did Douglass Take To Learn To Read And Write?

Frederick Douglass was initially taught how to read by his master’s wife, Mrs. Auld. Mrs. Auld taught Frederick the alphabet and small words before her husband forbade her from teaching Frederick. How did Fredrick Douglass learn to read? Frederick Douglass learned to read through the initial kindness of Mrs. Auld, who taught him the alphabet … Read more

Which Country Has The Most Hybrid Cars?

Country PEV stock/ cumulative sales (2020) % of cars in use (2020) United States 1,741,566 0.7% Germany ~700,000 1.2% California 803,816 2.27% Norway 480,008 17.2% Which car company has the most hybrids? Toyota has reaffirmed its position as the global leader in hybrids, surpassing yet another sales milestone. What country has most electric cars? Norway … Read more