What Terms Refers To Biologically Determined Physical Characteristics That Set One Group Apart From Others?

Race. Traditonally, biologically determined physical characteristics that set one group aprat from others. What term is defined as beliefs and expectations about members of a group that are held simply because of that membership in the group? Stereotypes. Beliefs and expectations about members of a group that are held simply because of their membership in … Read more

Which Bodies Are Composed Primarily Of Rock And Metal?

Asteroids are composed mainly of rock and metal — making them sources of valuable minerals that might be mined in space. Are comets made up of rocks and metals? Comets are the “dirty snowballs” of space. They are bodies of ice, rock, gas and dust. The dirty snowball is the nucleus — the solid center … Read more

What Reptiles Can Live With Geckos?

Turtles. Turtles are friendly. … Lizards. Lizards are friendly creatures. … Iguana. Iguanas are naturally not social animals. … Bearded dragon. Bearded dragons are calm pets. … Ensure proper health. … Don’t add a new species. … Prepare to spend more. … Learn about pet personalities. What reptiles can you put with a leopard gecko? … Read more

Which Gender Of Platypus Has Poison Claws?

Do male platypus have poison claws? Platypuses are among the few venomous mammals. Males have a spur on the back of their hind feet that is connected to a venom-secreting gland. The venom is not life threatening to humans, but it can cause severe swelling and “excruciating pain.” Do female platypus have poison? The platypus … Read more