Which Criminal Justice Professional Is Responsible For Sentencing In Most Cases?

In most jurisdictions, the judge holds the responsibility of imposing criminal sentences on convicted offenders. Which criminal justice professional is responsible for? Law enforcement: Criminal justice professionals who enforce laws and apprehend violators. This area also includes the programs and efforts designed to prevent criminal activity. Which CJ component is responsible for sentencing an individual? … Read more

What Theory Explains Deviant Behavior As The Result Of Developing An Excess Of Definitions?

Differential association What are the 4 theories of deviance? one of the four theories or concepts to each group: anomie; control; differential association and labeling. Explain to the students that we will now study some theories that sociologists have used to explain why deviance occurs in a society. What are the theories of deviant behavior? … Read more

What Is The Role Of Hospitality In The Hotel Industry?

Hotel industry serves as a provider of accommodation to tourists and travelers. … Hospitality means to serve the people and reflect the consistent quality and excellence. What are the main functions of the hospitality industry? With the broadness of this industry, some defining aspects are important to understanding. The hospitality industry is a broad category … Read more

Why Do Companies Sell Your Data?

Companies can also use customer data to boost their sales and grow their customer base. Data technologies allow them to find niche audiences and target them as part of their marketing strategies. They can also use data to upsell their existing customers. Why do companies sell my data? Companies can also use customer data to … Read more