Which Branch Of Government Is Headed By The Governor And Enforces Laws?

Under the leadership of the Governor, the executive branch is responsible for administering and enforcing the laws of California. In practice the executive branch works closely with the legislative branch in shaping proposed legislation. There are many state departments included in the executive branch. What branch of government enforces the laws? Executive Branch of the … Read more

What Makes A Good Life Insurance Agent?

Problem-solver. Do you enjoy coming up with creative solutions to problems? … Self-motivated. Honest. This might seem obvious, but unethical insurance agents rarely stay in business very long. … Sense of urgency. … Reslience. … Passionate. … Communication Skills. … Good Listener. What skills do insurance agents need? Listening Skills: In order to understand clients’ … Read more

Why Is EDM Music So Popular?

Another reason that electronic dance music has become so popular is that it can play on different equipment and sets. … These new music styles have become very popular and they’ve helped to change the face of EDM forever. Electronic music has even become so popular that some people refer to this as “the new … Read more

What Living In Denver Is Like?

What It’s Like Living in Denver: There are an estimated 300 days of sunshine every year. Even though the summers are hot, they lack humidity, which makes them more comfortable. The sky is bluer and the stars are brighter than other parts of the country due to the high-desert climate and elevation. Is it worth … Read more