Why Is Educational Data Mining Important?

Educational data mining can be used for classifying and predicting students’ performance, dropouts as well as teachers’ performance. It can help educators to track academic progress to improve the teaching process, it can help students in course selection and educational management to be more efficient and effective. How data mining is used in education? Educational … Read more

What Is Your Favourite Room?

my favourite room in my house is my own room. as everything in my room is kept according to my choice and I feel relaxed when I enter my room it’s like a big pleasure to me. How do you describe a room? The place where I feel the most comfortable, and show my personality, … Read more

What Products Does The Flame Symbol Represent?

What does this pictogram mean? The symbol within the pictogram shows an “o” with flames on top of it and a line underneath it. The “o” is for oxygen and the flames indicate that hazardous products with this pictogram present a fire or explosion hazard if they are not stored and handled properly. What products … Read more

What Lipids Decrease Heart Disease?

LDLs are often called “bad” cholesterol. Another type of particle, called high-density lipoprotein (HDLs) assist in the removal of cholesterol from the bloodstream. HDLs are often called “good” cholesterol. A high HDL level (greater than 60) is considered to be a protective factor against heart disease. How do lipids affect cardiovascular disease? Lipids and lipoprotein … Read more

What Makes Up A Just Society?

The Just Society will be one in which the rights of minorities will be safe from the whims of intolerant majorities. The Just Society will be one in which those regions and groups which have not fully shared in the country’s affluence will be given a better opportunity. What makes a society just or unjust? … Read more

Which Country Has A Negative Population Growth Rate Today?

Rank Country 2015-20 Population Growth (%) 1 Lithuania -1.483 2 Latvia -1.148 3 Venezuela -1.125 4 Bosnia and Herzegovina -0.886 Which country shows negative growth rate of population? In the cases of countries such as Germany, Italy and Sweden, this negative population growth rate is particularly due to the alarming low rates of fertility (i.e. … Read more