Where Does Tolerance Come From?

The English words, ‘tolerate’, ‘toleration’, and ‘tolerance’ are derived from the Latin terms tolerare and tolerantia, which imply enduring, suffering, bearing, and forbearance. What is tolerance in history? Toleration is the allowing, permitting, or acceptance of an action, idea, object, or person which one dislikes or disagrees with. Political scientist Andrew R. Murphy explains that … Read more

What Issues Led To The Decline Of Poland The Holy Roman Empire And The Ottoman Empire?

What problems caused the decline of Poland, the Holy Roman Empire, and the Ottoman Empire? Lacked efficient systems of government and admin. People in the empires were difficult to govern, None formed their people into a strong organization. Which of the following was a cause of the Ottoman Empire’s decline? The Ottoman economy was disrupted … Read more

What Is The Symbiotic Relationship Between Seagull And Turtle?

Explanation: In a mutualistic relationship both organisms benefit from living closely together in a symbiotic relationship. We can for example observe this on cleaning stations. Different fish nibble on old skin and small creatures such as parasites living on the sea turtle. What is the symbiotic relationship between barnacles and sea turtles? Embedding barnacles infiltrate … Read more

What Is The Theme Of Silence?

Silence is a film obsessed with a personal relationship with God, a relationship which lay only in one’s own heart – a place that no manner of torture and kowtowing can reach or extinguish. For all the grandeur in subject and theme, Silence presents a meek plot. What are some of the themes of Night? … Read more

What Were Two Impacts Of The Abolitionist Movement?

In 1807 the importation of African slaves was banned in the United States and the British colonies. By 1833 all enslaved people in the British colonies in the Western Hemisphere were freed. Slavery was abolished in the French colonial possessions 15 years later. What were the effects of the abolitionist movement? The most major impact … Read more