What Theory Proposes That Cultural Factors Shape How People Want To Feel More Than How They Actually Feel?

For instance, one theoretical framework, Affect Valuation Theory, proposes that cultural factors shape how people want to feel (“ideal affect”) more than how they actually feel (“actual affect”); conversely, temperamental factors influence how people actually feel more than how they want to feel (Tsai, 2007) (see … Which emotion is most influenced by cultural factors? … Read more

Where Does The Food In Iceland Come From?

Like in most of Scandinavia, the cuisine is entirely inspired by the ingredients Icelanders have around them, from the free-roaming sheep to the cod, herring, and char that splash around the cold Arctic waters. Beyond its freshness, the food is pure—with less of a focus on GMOs and artificial ingredients. What food is native to … Read more

What Is The Volume Of A 6cm Cube?

Formula for an approximate result, divide the volume value by 3785 What is the volume 6cm? Hence, the volume of the cube with side length 6 cm is 216cm3. What is the volume of a cubic box of edge 6cm? We have been given the edge to be 6. So, the cube of 6 cm … Read more