Writing Good Application Letter

Quality application letters are of various types. There are three main types of an application and these include speculative, covering and a letter of application. What are the three types of application letter? Speculative: These types of letters are sent as a part of your tentative application alongside with your resume. Covering : These are sent … Read more

Writing Cover Letter for a Job Application

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Download high quality cover letter samples for a job application and learn professional writing. You can also get templates for Google Docs. What really matters in a cover letter are not necessarily the big things but the small things. These tips and techniques shortly outlined will help you in creating a top quality cover letter … Read more

Formal Cover Letter Samples

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Discover the best cover letter sample and application letters in this post. During recruitment or job application processes, it is as important to make sure that the document you are carrying is in the correct format as well as wearing the right dress. Recently, the question of how should job application letter be has been … Read more